12 pack of sparkling probiotic cans

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Blackberry Grape   

Have you ever had a slice of homemade blackberry cobbler that was so good you wish you could drink it? Maybe you love that classic grape soda taste but are over all of that excess sugar? Sweet from the start, with just the right amount of tart (hey, that rhymed!). This Super Tasty and luscious quencher should surely have your taste buds singing the songs Like Prince’s Purple Rain, while your gut boogies along with 5 billion probiotic pals!

Pineapple Lime

   If we came out here and said “Our NEW pineapple lime is a tropical vacation in a can!”... you’d be all like “okay Revive, whatever...”  But seriously, this delicious pineapple lime sparkling probiotic is like a drinkable plane ride to the tropics, and with 5 billion probiotics, your gut is sitting in first class. It's a fizzy and sweet pineapple paradise, with a zing from real organic lime that keeps you coming back for another swig (and another, and another...)

Tangerine Peach

   Imagine this: you crack a cold can of Tangerine Peach, and the fresh, sharp zings of tangerine tickle your tastebuds while the juicy sweetness of farmstand peaches play on your nose as much as they dance on your tastebuds.(We’d like to think that if the 5 billion probiotics in Tangerine Peach had a voice, they would offer a good dose of southern hospitality and say hello to your gut with a sweet “Howdy partner”)

Green Apple Pear

 You can’t not smile when you say the word “treat”, and that’s just how we think you’ll feel about our Green Apple Pear! The bright, tart tang of green apple gives you just enough “pucker” without making the insides of your cheeks want to touch each other (did you feel that just now?). elevated by the sleek sweetness of fresh, organic pear, this flavor feels like fizzy, green apple pear candy, minus all the extra sugars and sweeteners. Plus, with all those probiotics, your gut gets a treat too!

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12 pack of sparkling probiotic cans

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