12 Pack of Probiotic Soda Cans

Probiotic Soda Variety Pack

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Root Beer
Hello, root beer! You sweet, sweet friend. Our new-fashioned spin on a soda fountain classic gives you the perfect blend of rich and creamy with just enough bite. Pour it over ice, over ice cream or directly into your mouth. It’s fun and easy – like sliding into a diner booth with friends or strolling around the county fair. And check this out: It’s a cleaner recipe with just 5 grams of sugar and billions of probiotics.

Cherry Cola
Pop open a can and sip that satisfyingly sweet, classic cola taste – with a cherry on top. Our new school spin on this old school treat delivers that nostalgic flavor you love, without the sugar crash. It’s a taste bud pleasing, perfectly layered combo of rich cola and dark cherry. Like driving with the windows down and the radio way up on a warm summer day. And get this: It’s a cleaner recipe made with just 5 grams of organic cane sugar and billions of probiotics.

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