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To help nail your next gathering, we've compiled some delicious alcohol-free mocktail recipes that will have your guests' guts singing.

"No Hangover" New Year's Mojito

With fresh mint and lime juice, this mocktail features a zesty finish and a probiotic punch from our probiotic seltzer. You'll be dodging the hangover and enjoying the benefits of a happy gut.  Ingredients: 2 oz simple syrup Fresh Mint 1 Lime (juice) 1 can Pineapple Lime Probiotic Seltzer Recipe: Add simple syrup, mint and lime juice in shaker with ice and shake generously.  Pour liquid mixture over ice in glass.  Add can of Pineapple Lime Probiotic Seltzer. Garnish with mint leaf and lime slice.  Enjoy! 

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Probiotic Holiday Punch

This year, for a twist on a classic holiday punch recipe, we switched out the soda for our Revive Probiotic Seltzer. Not only does it have the same great taste, but this refreshing sipper contains live and active probiotics 🎄🍹🍒 Ingredients: 32oz of Orange Juice 32oz of Pineapple Juice 32oz of Cranberry Juice 1 can of Cherry Hibiscus Probiotic Seltzer Orange slices Fresh cranberries Recipe: Pour all liquids into a large punch bowl or dispenser.  Stir in orange slices and cranberries.  Pour over ice and enjoy! 

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Sparkling Apple Cider with Probiotics

It’s the season for cozy ciders, so we poured in our Green Apple Pear Probiotic Seltzer for a healthy but festive holiday drink.🍏🍎☕ Ingredients: 1 can of Green Apple Pear Probiotic Seltzer  4oz of warm apple cider Cinnamon stick  Apple slices for garnish  Recipe: Warm apple cider on stovetop.  Pour warmed apple cider and 1 room temperature can of Green Apple Pear Probiotic Seltzer into a cup.  Stir with cinnamon stick.  Add apple slice as garnish and enjoy! 

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Mistletoe Probiotic Martini

What's a holiday party without the perfect drink? We're pairing our probiotic seltzer with this festive martini for a weekend holiday party that's sure to put a smile on everyone's face. 🍸🎄 It's also packed with probiotics to help you and your loved ones stay healthy this season! ✨ Ingredients: 1 can of Cherry Hibiscus Probiotic Seltzer 1.5 oz of cranberry vodka Juice of half a lime 1 tbsp of simple syrup Rosemary and cranberries for garnish  Peppermint candy  Recipe: Shake lime juice, cranberry vodka and simple syrup with ice. Crush peppermint candy. Wet rim of glass and dip glass into crushed...

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Fall Harvest Probiotic Punch

We're all about the bubbly this time of year. And what better way to kick off the fall festivities than with a delicious and probiotic-packed punch? Ingredients Apple cider White grape juice 1 can of Citrus Ginger Probiotic Seltzer  Apple slices Orange slices 2 sticks of cinnamon Sprig of thyme Recipe In a pitcher, add apple cider, white grape juice, one can of Citrus Ginger Probiotic Seltzer. Add apple and orange slices, two sticks of cinnamon and a sprig of thyme. Stir and enjoy! 

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Probiotic Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail

Feeling like a Moscow Mule? Or maybe you’re in the mood for something more…Mocktail-y. This Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail is the perfect amount of sweetness with a little bit of spice.  Ingredients: Lime juice Orange juice Mint 1 can of Citrus Ginger Probiotic Seltzer Ice  Orange slice Recipe: Shake or muddle mint, orange juice and lime juice. Pour mixture plus one can of Citrus Ginger Probiotic Seltzer over ice. Garnish with orange slice.  Enjoy! 

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