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Fresh cREators

It took some serious (and at times gleefully not-so-serious) creativity to follow our dream of making good-for-you drinks that actually taste good…you know, ones that don’t remind you of salad dressing. We reimagined the process and even designed and built our production facility. Revive is our creative pursuit, but we know there’s hella creativity out there and collaboration leads to even more. That’s why we launched the fresh cREator series—to collaborate with other creative souls, emerging artists who remind us it’s healthy to have some wildly optimistic expectations. And because we know the arts, like other industries, have systemically and socially excluded BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) creators, that’s who we’ll be collaborating with. Disparities like lack of exposure in galleries and commerce directly contribute to fewer opportunities and the racial wealth gap. To really celebrate and champion creativity, we can’t just recognize inequities in creative spaces, we have to work to end them. That includes us, at Revive we take this fight personally and advocate for creativity in its truest, fullest form. Here’s to all of us tapping into more creativity with our fresh cREators, read on to meet the artists and support their work.


Creation comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and our second Fresh cREator knows a thing or two about fantastic shapes. Viviana Matsuda, aka @mud.witch is a clever and fun ceramic artist out of San Francisco known for their curved shapes inspired by the body positivity movement. Pottery wasn’t Vivana’s originally chosen career path, but it’s almost as if the art form found them. When their father unexpectedly passed away a few years ago, they inherited his beloved collection of pottery tools and, as a healing mechanism for their grief, dove into learning about and transforming clay.    Grief, like artistic...

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 "if you're going to dedicate yourself to something creative, you make sure that it's something that you can find your own personal love in.”
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